Today’s enterprise data centre must handle more requirements than ever before, with the IT infrastructure connecting distributed ecosystems of employees, partners, and suppliers. With this complexity comes the need for technology and services that ensure high availability and optimal performance of the IT delivery infrastructure.  Therefore, business leaders are challenged to move their enterprises to the next level through digital business transformation – however, according to IDC, up to 80% of their time is spent on IT operations leaving little time to innovate.

Our partners at Park Place Technologies have developed a unique and fully-integrated approach that helps IT leaders focus on digital transformation – DMSO or Discover. Monitor. Support. Optimize.

DMSO provides a range of tools, from one partner, available through one single pane of glass, to address and provide answers to typical questions currently arising in data centres, globally;

  • What do I have in my environment?
  • How do I know that everything in my environment is up and functioning?
  • Who do I call to restore availability to my hardware environment?
  • Is my IT hardware infrastructure performing as well as it should be?

Find out how Launchpad can help you simplify and create efficiencies within your digital infrastructure management.


     Reproduced with the kind permission of Park Place Technologies.